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Sylvaphane Group

Sylvaphane Group

The Sylvaphane group consists of companies that each specialise in different packaging solutions depending on the product and its application. The group operates internationally and distinguishes itself by unlimited possibilities because it has all the production processes in-house. The cooperation between the various companies is unique. The companies are therefore the ideal Partners in Packaging.


Sylvaphane Plastics

Sylvaphane Plastics produces flexible packaging and films with a wide range of products. The product range consists mainly of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE, multilayer and bio-based materials.

Sylvaphane Holland
Sylvaphane Holland is confectioner of various packaging films based on, among others, polypropylene, cellophane and polyester to customers all over Europe.

Euroflex bv
Euroflex specialises in printing, laminating and slitting flexible consumer packaging of the highest quality.

Dutch Cheese Label by Euroflex
DutchCheeseLabel by Euroflex is a Euroflex brand that focuses specifically on the production and marketing of cheese labels and banding to enhance the identity of cheese brands.

Specialist in compostable and sustainable packaging with minimal impact on the environment. The company is specialized in renewable solutions and provides advice and products in this area.

Producer of moulded packaging that is used in the food and non-food industry. The company offers, among other things, trays, blister packs and caps/lids. The products are produced from OPS, RPET, APET and PLA.

Pulp2Pack benefits from the many years of expertise that Plastics2Pack has with the market. Where Plastics2Pack focuses on producing plastic moulded packaging, Pulp2Pack does so with packaging based on paper pulp. Depending on the application, this packaging can be a sustainable alternative to plastic.

QMB2Create is a producer of thermoforming moulds and is located at Plastics2Pack's production site. Because the production takes place in-house, the product does not have to match the mould, but a mould can be made that matches the product and the customer's wishes.